We make and repair many different items using resin and fiberglass. The gate was made to look like railway sleepers.

Bass boats and pontoon boats are what we make from scratch, but we also do re-builds of any boat shape. House boats and pontoon boats can be used on a dam or lake.

Tree house with Super tube     Tree house extension from a jungle gym  

BRAND NEW PROJECT! We now make a Compost Bin, Worm Farm, Vegetable Garden, all in ONE! B.F.G for short, Bin Farm Garden! The bin is for the compost and worm farm. We are sourcing square b

Jungle gyms and accessories for jungle gyms. Slides and Wendy houses, super tubes that exit from decks and platforms. Jungle gym roof made from army tent material or timber or fiberglass

Accessories for Jungle gyms such as swing seats, slides, jungle gym roof, ladders, tire towers, jungle gym brackets, swing bearings

ponds pools compost bin worm farm organic garden box trough

WE NOW HAVE SUPER-TUBES! We make on order, with different configurations for you to make up, and different COLORS TO CHOOSE! Look under 'Slides and Super Tubes'. There is also an optional Splash pool/kiddies pool&n

Slides and water slides or super tubes for jungle gyms or swimming pools

Zip Lines also known as a flying fox or foefie slide (fufie slide).

Custom made trailers - insulated or plain.  Can be made as a Caravan layout or kitchen trailer. Or what about mini dump-truck shape with a hydraulic lift? If you have an idea give us a call so we can give you a ball park figure. Quotes are
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