We now make a Compost Bin, Worm Farm, Vegetable Garden, all in ONE! B.F.G for short, Bin Farm Garden!

The bin is for the compost and worm farm.

We are sourcing square bins that fit the trough the best. The bin is shown without the lid for clarity.


We have details of the method of composting that we offer to every customer with the purchase of each Bin/Farm/Garden (B.F.G.) We also have a list of plants that are suited to be planted together with other plants as companion plants. Some plants should not be planted with certain other plants. (For example: Tomatoes make Potatoes produce cyanide in the skin, but basil is said to improve the taste of tomatoes planted nearby).
The length of this trough is 2,5 m. It comes with a bin.
As a farmer, I have found certain things improve the quality of plants drastically, whether they be flowers, herbs or vegetables. One of the obvious things is soil quality. The other (which I discovered while doing Hydroponics) was root zone size. Other things such as available sunlight, water retention in different planting mediums and also watering frequency (especially in pure organic growing medium compared to sandy soil) play very important roles in the quality of your vegetable garden, whether it be in the ground or in containers. The Basic Principles that I use are so simple that when you hear them you think "Why didn't I think of that?"
Some of the things that I have implemented in growing my own herbs and vegetables have radically changed the amount of effort I need to put in to get the same results, and in fact even better results. The Worm Farm was one and the Compost Bin was another. I have combined the two, and the results speak for themselves. The vitality of the compost in my worm farms are so good that many of the vegetables thrown in them to become compost have started growing. Even seeds from an apple core!
Now in combining all three in one, you get rid of common kitchen waste that would normally go into your rubbish bin, you cultivate your own worm farm without any major effort, and you utilize the goodness from those two in your Herb/Vegetable garden without having to dig and move compost around, or catch "worm wee", just by watering into the Compost bin once a day or every second day, (depending on the factors). Perfect vegetables on your back door-step!

Dog Kennel Large

We make fibreglass dog kennels. This picture is of a dog kennel for large dogs. It's height is 1m and it can come in any color.



This is our largest Dog Kennel. The length is 1m from the front to the back, it is 770mm high to the highest point (710mm inside size), the width is 700mm to the widest point (600mm inside size). Both of my Labrador dogs fit inside!


Garden Furniture:

For a quote on the double seat benches please contact us.

The seat in the design of the swing chair is from our 2 seat garden bench, and comes complete with a gum-pole stand of a height of 3m, with the "full house" (galvanized brackets with vescanite bushes), delivered and installed.
You get:    A gum-pole stand of treated timber.
                 Two fibreglass brackets "A" shape. 
                 A pair of galvanized swing bearings with vescanite bushes.
                 One double seat swing chair. 
                 12mm rope for the chairs seat.
                 Galvanized coach screws for assembling the unit.

Garden Table:

This table is made to match the 2 seat garden bench, and is able to take one bench on each side, seating 8 people. It has an umbrella hole in the center. 

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