Pontoon boat:

Pontoon length 8m

Pontoon width 600mm

Pontoon depth 700mm

Displaces 2700 litres each

This deck is 9,7m long (4 pontoons staggered layout) and 4,8m wide. Total weight 1500kg.


The manufacturing of a pontoon for a pontoon boat project

Hull and deck ready for fitting out of the top structure. 4 pontoons displace 10800 liters. (2700 liters each)



Bass Boat:

One with a length of 2,2 meters and  one with a length of 3,2 meters. The small one only weighs about 30kg's! It can be loaded onto the back of a long wheel base bakkie (LDV), so has no need of a trailer. They can both have a small motor attached to the transom. The larger one also fits onto a bakkie (LDV), but sticks out of the back by 1m if laid flat in the bin. It's better suited on a roof carrier or angled against the Roll Bars and tied down.









Four people can sit comfortably on the 2 seats. Max load is around 250kg's.

                                 Above is the 3,2m bass-boat. Below was the river test.


                                                     Here are some boat re-builds...

  Deck re-done, waiting for hatches to come next... Deck done in non-slip. with hatches added.



Bulk-heads and keel pipe in... Here are the deck and hatches being put in. The deck finished.




We are proud to be associated with Boating International and Blu Ray Charters.

Before: After:
    Deck removed, bulkheads replaced. Hatches and deck done.



Transom, before:                        Transom, after:


Holes in the hull:                         Repaired and flow-coated in black:




Here some of the guys are starting to lay up a pontoon for a house boat. The length is 8m, and the total volume (flotation) is 2700 liters per pontoon.

This photo is of the pontoon getting the water tight dividers in before it gets closed up.

We can make any design on top of the platform that gets fitted onto these pontoons. It can have a platform with railings, a smattering of benches and seats or pool loungers (see our page 'Garden furniture"), with a gas braai and a water storage area inside a cupboard for washing up.


Brand New Product!

A Crocker Ski for the fishermen out there, 3,6m long. It only weighs about 60kg's! It has a large hatch (I fit full length inside!!!), anchor hatch, rod holders and transom for a small (5hp to 15hp) engine. Check these pictures..."


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