WE NOW HAVE SUPER-TUBES! We make on order, with different configurations for you to make up, and different COLORS TO CHOOSE! Look under 'Slides and Super Tubes'.

There is also an optional Splash pool/kiddies pool if you do not have a pool. (see below)

This pool was re-lined because the surface was starting to make people itch. (The blue Flow-Coat wore thin.) Sometimes this is all that is needed, instead of re-doing the whole pool!

Lining of pools in any color and for any shape pool is done in a few days, for a pool that will last for many years! The beauty of building a pool and lining it in fibreglass is that you can build a pool of any shape or depth. Whether it's a natural rock pool you want or a standard shape dip-pool then the only limit (apart from finances!) is your imagination! We can also build a water slide into your pool, or a natural looking rock feature with a fibreglass-lined slide in it.

You get: 450gm mat (not the usual 300gm) Pool resin, Flo-coat in the color of your choice, tile mosaics of your choice, a 4 year guarantee. If you have a 'Gunnited' pool you will save on the amount of chlorine you need to use, which saves you money for years to come!


Preparation for re-lining of this pool...



              The finished pool...looking like new!


Here is a shallow splash pool for the Super Tube:

This pool/pond was designed as an end zone for the super tube. But it can be used as a pondfor fish or a splash pool for toddlers in the hot summer months. It is the only pool/pond that we make as ready-made. It can also be used as a vegetable garden if you like container gardening. Look under 'Garden and Home' for our other container that is a MUST-HAVE for composting/worm farming/herb gardening in limited space!

Crocodile Lounger:

Swimming pool loungers that are designed to last. One customer has had 6 chairs for over 20 years with only one casualty, which was easily repaired. These chairs are so comfortable that you won't want to get up! Now with a built in cup-holder and wider edges for extra strength.
Please contact us for a quote

"S" Lounger:

This Pool Lounger has no legs. We have made a small modification to it though, by adding a stopper underneath so that it does not flip over backwards.

Please contact us for a quote

This 3m x 3m pond for fish or children is perfect for a small corner of the garden.

Pool linings:

For already-built pools/ponds:   
You get:    450g C.S.M. is used.(Not the usual 300g!)
                Swimming pool resin and flow-coat.
                The color of your choice.
                Tile mosaics around the pool edge.
                A 4 year garantee.
                Please contact us for a quote

Swimming pool loungers:

Crocodile Lounger:
For orders from 5 and up, less 5%.
"S" Lounger:
We also do an "S" shaped pool lounger that has no legs. It rests straight on the grass/paving. Please contact us for a quote


Jumbo curved water slide, 4,2m

Complete slide:   Please contact us for a quote

You get:    1 large water slide.
                1 water hose fitting.
                1 Stand made from treated poles.
Large straight water slide, 3,5m
Complete slide:  Please contact us for a quote
You get:   1 water slide of 3,5m
               1 water hose fitting
               1 stand made from treated poles.

For more on slides click on "Slides and Super Tubes".

Logo's can be done on request for branding of your company name or personal name on any of our products!









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