We are using a new system of re-surfacing fibreglass, by spray on application 'Flow-Coat' and 'Gel-coat'.  

This method of application gives a smooth finish. You can re-surface molded finishes on products, like swimming pools that have had the color worn through by the pool cleaner, to give many more years life-span from your pool without breaking the bank! Or simply to change the color!

Slides all together to compare sizes

  Super Tubes: 
The dimensions are:
Curved pieces: 1,8 m
Straight pieces: 2,0 m
Entry/exit pieces: 0,5 m
"U" shaped, 600 to 650mm wide

Super Tubes:

New information and pictures! The 850mm wide Speed Racer and 850mm wide Twisty Turn!

A swing set with only monkey bars...before:





Bird's eye view.

This is the upgrade to the above swing set:

This swing set was upgraded with new swings seats, a deck, barrel, climbing ramp, and super-tube.
13m Super Tube!                         Splash Pool for Kids too!

This was sent as a Kit including the pool, and installed by the customer.


20m Super Tube

20m long, 4m high, 4 seconds of adrenaline!

Small and Medium:


Our 2 smaller slides for jungle gyms.
Length: 2,1 and 2,7 m.
Height: 1,3 m and 1,5 m.


Large straight:


Our large straight slide, can also be used as a water slide.
Length: 3,5 m.
Height: 1,8 m - 2,0 m.


 Large curved:


This slide is our largest normal slide,

it can also be used as a water

slide and has a curve. 

Length: 4,2 m. Height: 2m to 2,2m.



We also now make a curved 2,1m slide for small children up to 10 years of age. 
This is our 4,2 m long slide. The water fitting is shown in the picture to the right.

'New 850 super tube with corners and straights! First one installed, and what fun! More to come: spiral super tube will be ready for summer!'


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