Wendy Gym:

Our two basic sizes by public demand are 1,5x1,5m and 1,5x3m. But we customize to your needs, like these ones of 1x2m, shown here.


Wendy Gym Double Story! Lots of fun!!

This Wendy-Gym is 1,5 x 3m long. The double swing, barrel, tire tower and second level underneath are extras. The cargo net was a special request as a safety net, top and bottom.
The second level doubles the platform play area, and gives a whole new dynamic to the fun of this Wendy Gym without double the cost!

From this...

This Jungle Gym was upgraded from this photo taken before...


To this...


...to this photo taken after.
Things added: New swing seats, 400 liter barrel, climbing wall and rope, decking (2m x 1m) and 6,4m of Super Tube!

These views show the Super Tube and deck:




Every join on the Super Tube gets a support.

Notice our fibreglass corner brackets which give a splash of color and are stylish and attractive, as well as functional!



Combo and Super Combo. 
Combo (Right) 
Super Combo has a wider platform than the Combo, and can take a cargo net as well as the slide and steps, and even monkey bars or a barrel underneath as an option.



Super Combo has a platform and cargo net.


                   This super Combo has a drum added extra.





NEW DESIGN SEATS!! Showing a 4,2m pole on this see-saw for public use.

This Jungle Gym done in the Umzimkulu district shows a very common choice of Jungle Gym accessories to add to the basic Jungle Gym: Slide, swings, roof and see-saw.

Here is a close up showing a double story Jungle Gym with a fibreglass Wendy house on it. It also has a suspended barrel underneath. Other extra's include swings, slides, climbing walls, a sandpit, or a rope bridge. Even a Super Tube can be added!

The standard Jungle gym does not include accessories such as slides, barrels etc.
Standard Jungle gyms can be added to, according to  your preference. Add a slide, a roof, suspended barrel, monkey bars, Wendy house, a bridge to a second jungle gym (or to your veranda?)
For a more detailed price list, see the tab "Price list and kits".

See saws:

Our see saw has a pole-mounted pivot that gets concreted in to the ground. The pole is 4,2m as standard, and does not come with the kit. The kit includes a stainless steel pipe with a polypropeline pipe insert and a galvanised threaded bar for the pivot and two seats with coach screws.

Accessories to Jungle Gyms:

Wendy House size: 1,4m x 1,4m. Description: Completely fiberglass, can be made to look like wood or done in bright colors instead; a fiberglass roof in one piece "A" shape; an opening door and a window aperture (with a window as optional). Stands 1,8m high so Mom can fit inside! No maintenance, and it will last generations!
The F/glass roof can be supplied alone to fit on 1,5m x 1,5m jungle gym. 'Double Roman' tile pattern. See the picture of the Wendy house roof shown above for an example.
It can be used on all lengths of jungle gyms that have a width of 1,5m or less by joining modules together. It now has a Fascia built on.

We also do a real army tent material roof for jungle gyms, or a timber roof. Prices available on request according to the size of your jungle gym.

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