All fibreglass, whether it be one of our products or something that you have had for many years needs a little T.L.C. It doesn't take much to bring out and keep a sparkle.
If you have something that has been around for many years and it hasn't had the care that it should have had, no need to worry! If a good wash and polish doesn't seem to change much then perhaps the product has been made "matt" by lots of fine scratches. The solution to this is to buy a very fine water paper of 3000 grit, or the nearest to this that you can get and give the product a gentle sanding down down with soapy water to remove any dirt that has engrained itself in the fine scratches.
Then take a rubbing compound and give it a good rub with rubbing compound on a cloth. A polishing machine will help here if you have one or can hire/borrow one.
If you want you can also use some ordinary floor polish on a cloth without going the route of the rubbing compound, but a polisher will still help.
Now let the polish dry and shine it up. It should be looking almost as good as new.
If you have bought one of our products and want to keep it looking good, then soapy water every few months is all it takes. When it is dry then a light rub with a cloth will keep up the shine. It is recommended that a light polish be given every few months which also prevents any tannins from staining. The tannins come from leaves lying in water on fibreglass for a length of time. If this does happen then usually a clean with acetone on a colorfast cloth will be enough to do the trick. Acid will also clean out deeper stains but do take care to wear protection on your hands and face. This also helps for swimming pools that have had debris settled for a long time at the bottom of a pool when a house has been empty and un-used for example.
All these maintenance tasks can be done by us, such as restoring pools, and we can repair items that have been damaged such as canopies or bumpers.

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