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Dog Kennel Garden and Home
Splash pool Slides and Super Tubes/Pools and Loungers
Super Tube Slides and Super Tubes
Car Port Roof Garden and Home
B.F.G. (Bin-Farm-Garden) Garden and Home


Picture Shapes and colors galore! From our jungle gyms and slides to our brightly colored swing sets, we try cater for every taste. Things that are not commonly found on the South Coast, such as see-saws and our pool loungers or garden benches and 4 sizes of water slides AND NOW A SUPER TUBE, we make life more pleasant for children and adults!
These pool loungers are one of our two designs of pool loungers we make. 
We have categorized things for ease of locating. Click on the different tabs to view the items under each heading.

We are located on the coast of Kwazulu Natal, in Port Shepstone.

Our free delivery on jungle gyms and slides is to the local areas only, but a minimal transport fee can be discussed according to the size of the order to be transported.

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